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Zadorina Kristina
Certified Appraiser
State Property Fund of Ukraine,
Member of the Appraisal Institute (USA),
Member of the American Evaluation Association,
Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Council (U.S.).
NBScience limited (UK)


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12 July 2010

Flat in Kiev,Ukraine for sale

$ 69950


05 April 2010

Approved membership of our appraisers in the Appraisal Institute (USA)




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Evaluation of business - companies, firms, securities, stocks, property complexes.
Assessment of real estate - apartments, houses, garages, offices, shops.

Evaluation of vehicles - cars, motorcycles, special equipment, buses, trucks, trailers.
Assessment of land, - land ownership enterprises, organizations and individuals.
Assessment of equipment, material assets - computers, office equipment, machines, equipment.

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Ukraine, Kiev
Latitude: 50°42'35.00" Longitude: 30°45'70.00"
E-mail: Натрия цитрат
Working hours:09:00 - 19:00


Business valuation, damage assessment - it is very convenient.
Evaluation of an apartment depends on several factors - location, year of construction, as well as the area of the apartment.NBScience offer real estate appraisal services. Report real estate appraisal will be delivered by our courier at a convenient time for you and place - in the office, home, etc.
Prices for valuation services also depend on the conditions of the client or company. You can order real estate appraisal - it is very convenient. We guarantee a wide choice of appraisers to fulfill your order in Ukraine, Russia, CIS. Our challenge is to ensure that all customers (corporate and private), were able to get a report on the evaluation of the property at the right price, and thus would have been the center of attention and received the highest quality services.
In our work we use the most modern technology. That is why our property evaluation reports provide an opportunity to provide documents to the courts, government agencies, insurance companies.
The maximum benefit to purchase a report on the evaluation of real estate is quite possible.
Our customers always have the opportunity to compare prices for the services of assessment of enterprises, businesses, land evaluation to choose the most advantageous for them or take advantage of the discount rate. Today, real estate assessment in «NBScience» - this is an excellent opportunity for customers to obtain a qualified appraisal report of property.